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nutrition tune-ups
Everyone benefits from a fine-tuning of diet. Addressing health and energy needs, meal planning, and body image does not have to be torture or time consuming. In this media-focused world, conflicting information confuses people who are health conscious. Many parents feel that consulting with a nutritionist can empower their teens to make healthy choices without getting into battles over food.
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Focus for Tune-ups ― Eating for more energy, vegetarian nutrition, or just starting a new leaf (Quitting smoking? Turning 40? High cholesterol?) can all be reasons to make sure you are maximizing your diet.

Focus for Support People ― It can be a family affair! Consultations can involve multiple family members as siblings, spouses, or significant others. Eating well is better when its part of a bigger plan for the house.

Frequency of Visits ― One time sessions can be enough, infrequent follow-ups depending on need.


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