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Sports places additional demands on the human body, and when the body is a growing adolescent, the needs are even greater. Suzanne take s great pleasure in working with highly motivated teens that are ready to accept the responsibility of eating like an athlete and respecting the needs of the body. Suzanne is knowledgeable about the requirements of different sports for endurance, speed, and strength and how these impact diet recommendations.
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Focus for Athletes ― Education for athletes on fueling for sports practice and events, body composition, and general health and restoration is covered. Connecting proper eating habits with the ‘body as an engine’ philosophy emphasizes the true function of food: performance and energy. Adequate meal planning and nutrition prevent binge eating and weight fluctuations that can occur in athletes.

Focus for Support People ― Feeding an athlete is a big job! Whether your child is a growing teenage boy, a vegetarian, or a child needing to gain weight in a sports season, guidance from a professional helps to reinforce and steer parents in the right direction.

Frequency of Visits ― One time sessions can be enough to cover basic nutrition, follow-ups are suggested for reinforcement.



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