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eating disorders

Anorexia, bulimia and compulsive overeating are serious issues that plague our culture. As a specialist in eating disorders for over 18 years, Suzanne has a unique approach that involves nutrition, meal planning and psychotherapy techniques. All eating disordered patients are required to be in individual counseling, through a team approach model. Suzanne facilitates communication with the therapist to maximize success in each discipline. Having practiced in the area for close to 20 years, Suzanne exchanges referrals from many local therapists who work in a treatment team model and support the benefical relationship of teamwork.

Focus for Eating Disorders Patients ― Food disorders are usually the symptom of a greater struggle within. While the therapy piece is essential, the effects of eating disordered behavior and malnutrition can seriously undermine treatment. Nutrition Therapy helps provide a structure for eating, discussion of difficulties and behavior, and tools for making successful changes at the pace of the individual. People enter Nutrition Therapy at many stages of recovery, some are ready for major life changes, some are willing to talk about where they are are thinking about thinking about changing. The only failure is not addressing the truth of the struggle, and success is in trying to improve one’s self and lifestyle.

Focus for Support People ― In addition to recommending reading material, Suzanne does provide needed direction for family members around food and food behavior of the client. Compassion and understanding of eating disorders as an illness is encouraged.

Frequency of Visits ― Clients with eating disorders usually require weekly visits as therapy is intense, immediate work that requires frequent reinforcement and debriefing for maximum behavior change. Every case is treated separately, and no client is ‘locked in’ to a specific treatment plan.



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