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weight loss for children and young adults

Suzanne advocates a “No Diet” philosophy in working with children and young adults ages 8-18. A “No Diet” philosophy can be misunderstood as not supporting weight loss. However Suzanne’s approach is to focus on: healthy food choices and balancing of treats, positive heating habits and behavior, active lifestyles and movement, body image acceptance, whole life approach to emotions and self-esteem, achievement of "ideal healthy weight" over time.

Philosophy ― Parental involvement and family nutrition are a critical component to working with children. The focus is on a healthy positive eating environment with supportive messages from parents around food, weight, and self acceptance.

Focus for Kids ― Children are discouraged from focusing on immediate weight loss. Growth charts are used to explain trends and emphasize long-term changes via “growing into” weight.

Focus for Parents ― Parents are encouraged to let go of tension and anxiety about food and weight around their child, and to focus on identity, self-esteem, and fostering a healthy active lifestyle. Family food behavior is reviewed as mealtime is the cornerstone of modeling positive relationships with food. Parental attitudes about weight and dieting are also reviewed as they contribute to the emotional environment of the household.

Frequency of Visits ― Children are generally monitored every few weeks to once a month, with specific monitoring assignments on food choices and behavior. Parental involvement is critical for compliance and reinforcement of long-term goals.


Philosophy ― Depending on the child or young adult, most of the session is spent with the young adult alone. Time is provided at the end for parental review and discussion. Independence and responsibility are encouraged in food choices, exercise, and monitoring assignments. Communication with Suzanne is available through e-mail contact which is fun and easy for most teens who are online regularly. Teens are supported to communicate with parents on voicing feelings, dietary needs, and food preferences.

Focus for Young Adults ― Meal plans are developed with emphasis placed on the reality of eating socially at school, out to dinner and with friends. Success is defined as staying focused on choices and behavior, rather than on perfection or specific weight loss amounts. Body image issues and self-acceptance are important issues and a large part of nutrition therapy.

Focus for Parents ― Parents are encouraged to communicate with Suzanne separately for updates and to express concerns. This prevents the relationship between the parents and child to revolve around food and weight, and allows the parents to get support as needed.

Frequency of Visits ― Weekly sessions are recommended to establish focus, with decreasing contact as needed.


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