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weight loss for adults

Like her philosophy in working with children and young adults, Suzanne advocates a “No Diet” philosophy in working with adults. Busy schedules, social and business dining and travel all impact one’s ability to stay on track. Managing family meals and temptations are important situations that need tools. In our busy lives, dieting can be easy and straightforward when there is a plan that tackles life’s challenges.

Focus for Adults You may be a chronic dieter, this may be the first time you have ever had to diet~ either way, everyone has their own thoughts about what works best for them and how much time and attention they want to put into weight control. An individualized plan that suits your lifestyle and food preferences is essential for it to feel like a good fit and something that you can live with. True, healthy weight loss takes time, and Suzanne believes that no one should suffer while you are working at it!

Focus for Support People ― Spouses and significant others get factored in, whether they need diet advice as a couple or family. Planning a healthy lifestyle together with those you love is one of the joys of life and relationships. Support at home is critical for success!

Frequency of Visits― Weekly in the beginning to establish a ‘plan’ that works, and then as needed. Email and phone sessions are popular for those who travel or have busy work schedules.


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