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pam's Story


I have a belly...boobs...enough flesh to cover the bones of my legs so that they don't bleed every time I shave them... and a big smile. Why? Because I am eating like a healthy, "normal" person. Don't get me wrong, by "normal" I don't mean I consume massive amounts of fast food.

(I know how we anorexics think. Every time we hear "normal" or the 'average American' we get scared because we think that means we are going to become one of ...oh, the horrors.... them!.)

But, you can come over to the other side. You can eat well and plentiful and feel good. Believe it or not, it can happen, but you have to trust. You must trust Suzanne. I solemnly swear that I do not think I'd be where I am today had I not trusted her. I fought her.... but I listened and finally began to trust her. And, through Suzanne's expertise, willingness, compassion and strength, I have gained 40 pounds. It sounds like a lot. But, believe me, what I hear from people is that I look 'good, but I'm so skinny'. Still people say that. Amazing!

Suzanne had the patience and wherewithal to work with me on countless occasions, at all different times, and even via the phone when that was the best we could do. She set boundaries and encouraged me bit by bit as she nursed me back to health... .brought me back to the person I'd forgotten I was before I became a "disorder". Phew! What a relief it was to feel like a person again.

Last year, I called Suzanne when I found out I had too little body fat to get pregnant. Only a special, caring person would take on someone several states away (but we go way back and Suzanne will ALWAYS help when she can!! When you meet and work with Suzanne and, frankly, allow her to be your brains sometimes, you get a lifetime of support. Support like I have never known. Support that I thank God for.)

So, I sit here today with my happy belly that's growing our baby. Miracle? Absolutely!!! Possible? Definitely!!!

Trust Suzanne! She knows her stuff like no other! Choose to live your life better than you have been living it. You have no idea how good it can be. I wouldn't go back for millions of dollars... .that is something I never thought I'd say 15 years ago. But, I'd never go back to focusing solely on my weight. There's so much more to life! Trust Suzanne!!!

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