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liz's story


I’ve struggled with compulsive overeating since I was 13, and though I’ve been in and out of therapy for 15 years, I’ve never found someone who was able to help me with the “eating thing.” I either found therapists who focused solely on why I ate, or nutritionists only focused on what I ate. I needed someone who could synthesize those two ideas and help me with both the emotional and self-esteem issues as well as the nutritional issues. I’ve found that in Suzanne.

I had tried every conventional diet program on the planet, read every self-help book and had basically given up when I met Suzanne. From the minute I stepped foot into her office, I felt like I had found a safe place where I could really learn how to overcome this issue. Suzanne is incredibly knowledgeable as her experience is grounded in having worked with hundreds of patients. She knows what works and what doesn’t, and has no qualms about lovingly challenging your own long-held notions. Suzanne also understands that we don’t live in isolation – that our families and loved ones impact and are impacted by our conditions. So she treats the family “system” as well.

After almost 2 years of working with Suzanne, I’m still not “there” (at a healthy weight for a person of my age and height) but I make progress every day. Suzanne has helped me understand that treatment is not the same thing as a “diet” and that to truly master this challenge I must learn to understand who I am and how to be good with myself.

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