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Suzanne has been our family's medical nutritionist for the past 3 years. She has worked individually with each family member to address our specific, unique needs. These have ranged from a desire to lose weight with a livable, long-range healthy eating program to working with a family member suffering from a serious eating disorder.

Suzanne's approach combines a thoughtful, sensible, and doable approach to eating---"mindful eating" that does not require abstinence from certain foods. She individualizes an eating plan and approach that is logical, healthful, and addresses the emotional issues that lie at the heart of various eating issues. Most importantly, Suzanne collaborates with each of us to determine what will work for our individual situation, employing a variety of approaches to fit each person. Suzanne's warm and caring nature along with a wonderful sense of humor has made her an integral part of our family's movement to a more healthful lifestyle.

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